Why technology is important in daily life

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How and why Important in daily life

Why technology is important in daily life

How technology impacts our in day to day life

The world is growing day by day. Technology plays a major role in that development. Do you know “Why and How”These advancements in technology are influencing our daily life? Here we are going to discuss the major and importance of technology in daily life and how it affects our daily routine. This development had paved the way for many startups in India which influence the Indian economy also

In this dynamic world, we rely heavily on technology The development of technology has had a negative or positive impact on our life.
some of the greatest influencing inventions of technology are

What are the greatest influencing inventions of technology?

Impact of Social media

Social media is highly influencing our day-to-day life. In the beginning, we used social media for entertainment and sharing photos but now it is influencing our decision-making also. A revolutionary change made by social media is, it made communication much faster and easier. Social media is now the best marketing platform Nowadays every business are spending a good amount on marketing on social media   

How Automation and its influence in day to day life

How Automation influence our life

With the advent of machine learning, robotics, the Internet of Things, and big data it became easier to automate the everyday tasks that were once performed by humans. Automation is displacing workers whose jobs consist of routine, repeatable tasks, like bookkeeping, manufacturing, and food services, etc. For example, Atm is now used by every bank that not only helps them reduce the employee strength but also make customers easily withdraw cash or check the balance 

Influence of Software

Software is just an application that is made for a particular purpose. Some of the software and applications that impact our daily lives are 

Online shopping app

Food ordering app

Job searching apps and platforms 

Google chrome 

social media

In supermarkets, they use a billing system which makes customers purchase easy and also owners get detailed reports. Not only that every business uses software for simplifying their business

Artificial intelligence and its application in daily life

The best example to explain the influence of artificial intelligence is google. Nowadays a normal person cannot live without searching on google. The result we get is delivered with the help of artificial intelligence. Some of the other examples of artificial intelligence that make an impact on our life are

Digital Voice assistance

Smart home devices

Youtube and social media also use artificial intelligence to find out our interest 

Technology is inevitable in all fields. 

Which are the main sectors that are influenced by technology are 

Technology in health care

The development of technology had a massive impact on nearly all processes and practices of healthcare professionals.it helped lots of people came back to their life and continuously improving our quality of life

Some of the benefits of technology in health care are

Digital documentation of Health Records

Greater Patient Care

Improved Public Health Awareness 

Ease of Workflow from appointment to consultation 

Better test results 

Lower Healthcare Costs

Easier registration and appointments 


Nowadays every education institution is going online to take provide courses. The cost of education has significantly reduced, with options like online degrees and by eliminating the need to buy physical textbooks

Library management

Admission management

Timetable management 

Course management

Timeline management

Exam Management 

Result publications 

Helps in reports and decision making


Technological advances have changed the way we travel, and these new developments promise an even more interactive and exciting experience

Google map

Hotel booking

Bus and flight booking 

Google Reviews

Cashless payments 

How Technology effects in marketing

With the advent of social media and technology, marketing has changed a lot. In the olden days, people used to publish ads on newspapers and radios but now businesses are investing in digital media. so digital marketing is a growing industry some of the benefits of doing marketing in digital media are


Easier communication with customers 

Can target with interest

Can start and stop at any time 

Can analyze the customer’s behavior 

Easily measurable 

Impact of technology in Business management

There have been many important advances in business management technology this century, almost all of them enabled by ubiquitous broadband internet access, improved software development tools, and the scalability and reliability of data centers.

Some of the technology that influences business management are 

Gmail and office 

Business Management Applications 

Web conferencing 

Digital payment systems 

E-commerce systems


The world is growing faster because communication is becoming faster with technology. Some of the major improvements in communication are 

Lowered the cost 

Faster communication 

Can transfer any type of data 

Reaches a wider audience with a click 

Automatic translation software helps people communicate in different languages 

From these reasons we can conclude the importance of technology in our daily life

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