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Every business is unique and needs special strategies and plans for social media to grow the business. Before planning the strategy, we study your business and analyse the competitors well and set a goal and strategize a good marketing plan. These step helps to get a better result within low budget and less time, Which made us one of the top social media marketing company in trivandrum
Choosing the right social media platform and targeting the right audience with the right content is very important in social media marketing can only be done by social media experts
The goal is achieved through proper planning and implementation of the strategies and by continuous evaluation of the campaigns and optimizing it regularly for best performance.
The packages of our social media are exclusively tailored according to your goal, budget, audience and period you have to achieve the goal.

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The power of social media

Reach 1 lakh potential customers within 1 day. Is it sounds amazing yes it can be achieved in a small budget that is the power of social media?
Social media are very essential for brand awareness to increase your visibility and make your company more recognizable to customers. If you are active in more than one social media then the chances are doubled.
The more you posts in social media the more are talking about your brand, the more new users will want to learn about you and follow your updates.so social media play a vital role in increasing the brand loyalty and authority
Social media allow the business to quickly and easily interact with customers’ comments, questions and concerns allow consumers to instantaneously receive help. Moreover, by answering to consumers’ needs in public, businesses can show the quality of their service and can create a higher transparency level.The expert social media marketing companies help you achieve great success in small period

Different Types of Social Media Marketing ads

Lead generations ads are the ads that we use to collect the details of our potential customers by providing them with a form which the customer can fill their details. The lead generation ads are very mobile-friendly so that the user can fill the form without leaving the page It is one of the most efficient marketing methods.The information such as name phone number city etc can be received and send them offers and make them know more about our products or service. This is an efficient method to ask questions to our customers and receive their replays
We can also target the people who are visiting our websites so that the chances of having a conversion is very high. Our packages are very reliable 

We provide a package exclusively for Lead generation

Brand awareness objectives are exclusively designed to show your ads to people who are more likely to view your ads, and reach objective ads are for to reach the maximum number of users in your targeted audience and control how often they see your ads.
Both ads have an option to add a call to action button which is a good feature so that the customer can interact directly with our product/service. These are the most budget-friendly ads and the best social media marketing company will help you to reach the right audience at low cost
These ads are used to increase the reach of your product among potential customers increase your brand awareness, trust and loyalty. We have a exclusive team for your project so that your ads can be monitored daily which made us one of the best social media marketing company in Trivandrum

As like our Television video ads, we can also create video ads in social media which are very cost-effective and gives a higher return on investment more than television ads. The benefits of publishing video ads in social media are that only the people interested in the product or service will see the ad so that the chances of having a conversion is very high.

The common platforms used to publish video ads are youtube and Facebook. The google also supports video ads but it is effective only to some specific product or service but youtube and Facebook video ads are very efficient for all services or products.

We can also use the video to create lead generation ads on Facebook.

Good self-explaining video ads always help the customer understand more about the product/service you provide which increase the trust and credibility.

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Best Social Media Advertising Company in Triandrum

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the biggest social media platform with 2.27 billion users where 1.15 billion users are active every day.It is a platform where you can find out a lot of potential audiences,the age or interest not matters.
For creating an ad on Facebook we need to create a business page, It provides different types of ads which we can choose according to our needs. The ads can be started stopped or edited at any time.
The text on the image of the ads should be low to before it well and the contents used in the posts should be small but captivating.
Publishing products on the Facebook market place are also efficient. We can also retarget our audience using Facebook pixels.

Instagram marketing

The number of active Instagram users are increasing day by day. Instagram gives businesses the perfect opportunity to reach more people allowing brands to market their products in an organized and attractive manner.
The Instagram posts should be authentic and relevant and it always supports images with no text or low text. Instagram also supports paid promotion which helps us to reach our potential customers in a short period.The ads on Facebook can also be placed on Instagram instead of boosting it directly from Instagram but to get more profile visit and engagements it is advised to do it directly.
To boost Instagram the account should be a business account and be connected to the Facebook page and the ads are controlled by the Facebook ads centre.we have a great team which made us the best social media marketing company

Linked in Marketing

if you are doing a B2B business then Linked in is your choice. It is more efficient for collecting leads for a B2B business more than Facebook or Instagram. It is considered as a social networking platform for professionals where you can meet up with highly talented professionals and business owners where you can explore potential clients for our business
Many job seekers are also using to find out their dream job so training institutes also use linked in to find out students interested in their courses.
The Linked in marketing are costlier than other social networking sites but the chances of having a conversion are also high.

60% of the corporate companies check the linked in the account of a company before getting a business agreement

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