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The term PPC stands for pay per click which means that we are paying cash for every click we are it is very important to make sure that the clicks are from the right audience otherwise we are wasting money. Showing the right ads to the right audience is a bit a complicated one. Running a successful campaign can be done only by an expert so we made a team of experts exclusively for maintaining the PPC campaigns.

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Keyword Selection

keywords are an incredibly important factor in a PPC campaign and time-consuming process. our PPC campaigns are built around keywords. Top PPC Advertising Company in Kerala always keep an eye on the running campaigns and regularly updates and refine them .if you are only doing keyword research on the first time then we are losing valuable,long-tail and low-cost keywords.marking the negative keywords are also important in achieving the success in a minimum budget.some of the important features of the keywords we are selecting should be

  • Relevant
  • Exhaustive
  • Expansive
  • keywords with high search volume
  • Use locally used keywords also if you are targeting a particular   location
  • Concentrate on quality of keywords more than quantity

PPC Monitoring

Once our ads started running, it is very important to monitor and make sure that they are running successfully and achieving the goal at a minimum amount. Continuous analysing and optimization of the ads make it run much better and better. Some of the optimizing methods are

  • optimizing the landing page
  • optimizing the keywords
  • Adding negative keywords
  • Split ad group
  • Optimizing the title and description of the ads
  • Regularly updating the google ads suggestions

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Bid Management

PPC bid management is a process of lowering and highering of the price for a keyword to get the maximum of your budget. The bid amount impact in determining the placement of your ads and how much we pay for each time when someone clicks on your ads.The best ppc advertising company always bid amount to get maximum result Things to consider before doing bid management are

  •  Average CPC of your keyword
  • Your budget
  • Your return on investment (ROI)
  • Quality score

Optimized Landing Page

To find out your right audience in social media first find out what your customers need and try to communicate with them in their language using good posts make them engage with our brand or service. After that try to understand audience behavior and interest and then target them to get conversions. Always try to make your audience take an action like sending message, providing leads etc…
In search engine marketing or search engine optimization we target on keywords which are used by customers to search for your service or products. Good keyword research is needed for it to make efficient work and it can be done only by the experts

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is a method of analyzing clicks we receive and how many of them had a helps to identify how well your ad campaign is generating leads, sales, downloads, signups and other key actions for your business. Tracking it regularly gives an idea about what your customer is thinking and can make necessary changes in the ads to run it better and better

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